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Tally is a software used exclusively for business accounting and inventory management. Tally is a mixture of functions, controls and in-built customizability which makes it one of the best business management solution and GST software. The user will be able to record all types of accounting that include invoicing, inventory, sale record, credit note etc.

·       Tally makes the complex process of book keeping simple and makes the accounting process easy to handle.

·       Learning Tally will help the children learn all the skills and knowledge they will require to work in the finance industry.

·       Leaning Tally will help the learner learn about GST, TDS, inventory management and accounting.

·       It is a very useful tool for stock experts and accountants.

·       Once, you are enough skilled in a software like Tally, a lot of companies will approach you with the job profile of an accountant.


Introduction To Tally
Company Info Menu
Accounting Information
Inventory Information
Accounting Vouchers
Advanced Accounting Features
Banking in Tally- New Feature
Introduction to GST
Implement of GST
E-Way Bill in GST
Job Costing
Cost Center and Cost Category
Advanced Features of Tally
1. What is Tally software?
Tally is an accounting and financial management software that helps businesses to automate their financial transactions, including bookkeeping, inventory management, and tax compliance.
2. What are the features of Tally software?
Tally software comes with a range of features, including accounting, billing, payroll management, inventory management, tax compliance, financial statements, and more.
3. Is Tally suitable for all types of businesses?
Tally is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, trading, services, and more. However, large businesses may require more advanced software with additional features.
4. Can Tally be used for GST compliance?
Yes, Tally Prime is designed to help businesses comply with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India. It offers features like GST return filing, e-way bill generation, and GST invoicing.
5. What is the Basic education required for tally?
You must have completed secondary education, i.e., 10+2 or equivalent. Basic knowledge of Business Management and Accounting is preferred. You can also apply for this course after you finish your graduation.
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