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Software Testing

Software development with Core Java

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that can be run on any platf...
Software Testing

Software Testing with Python

Manual Testing is a fundamental software testing process where the software is tested manual...
Software Testing

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is a software testing technique that tests the software with the applicat...


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The Need and Importance of an Internship in IT Domain

An internship is an opportunity to work on a specific project at a company. Because of this, internships allow students to obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge. Interns in information technology (IT) work for IT firms or in IT departments of organizations. They provide technical assistance to the IT department. Internships benefit recent grads since they already have a working knowledge of the job.

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Why choose us?

SKETO INFOTECH is an IT training school where students learn both technical and non-technical skills. On this basis, we place students in internships and jobs. Sketo Infotech offers a wide range of low-cost and affordable fees training courses.. We also work on non-technical skills as part of our training. Critical thinking, personality development, and stress management are examples of these skills.

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Why is it important to get certification even in 2022?

What kind of certification do you want to pursue? Wait, you need to understand “WHY” you’re doing this. Is this a reasonable question? Many people who want to learn more choose to enroll in the course of study without first obtaining the necessary certifications.

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