Terms & Conditions


SKETO Infotech believes that attendance is a compulsory part of any learning hence attendance to the training program for which the student is enrolling is mandatory for all the following activities during the training period. 

1. Orientation Day i.e. First day of the program.

2. Exam days 

3. Assignment sessions
4. Project sessions 



Students who are absent for any session without proper permission from the Student coordinator/Course Trainer for consecutive 10  training sessions will be considered as dropouts. In case of sickness,  the student shall submit an application duly signed by a parent/guardian and supported by a registered doctor hence to prove illness. All matters related to student absenteeism are to be communicated to the Student Coordinator/Course trainer through the mail. 

In genuine scenarios, a student is allowed to take leaves which have to be pre-approved by Student Coordinator/ Course Trainer failing to which the missed training sessions will not be covered. Even if the student is on pre-approved leave he/she will have to pay the fees installment on a predefined date, decided during the time of admission. 

Drop Out:
A student who doesn’t attend training sessions without giving prior information to the Student Coordinator/Course Trainer for more than 10 consecutive lecture sessions is termed as a dropout. A dropout would mean that the student has to pay Rs.1500/- as readmission charges and fees paid by him/her would be non – refundable for any reason whatsoever. 

Batch Delays: 
Due to unavoidable circumstances, if the Course Trainer fails to complete a session, a make-up session will be arranged on a specified day and time with the agreement of students. These are compulsory sessions; the students must attend them without fail. If a student does not attend the make–up session, then she/he must cover the session on her/his own. 

Course Material:
The student will receive an email of Course details after enrollment which will specify all the content that will be covered during the training sessions.

Dress Code: 

For offline sessions it is very important that the students are properly attired and well-groomed. Students are expected to follow the dress code as advised by the institute.

Change of Communication Address: 

It is the responsibility of the students to contact the Student Coordinator immediately for any change in his/her contact address, email id, and Mobile phone number. SKETO Infotech is not responsible if mail sent to him/her is either lost or returned on account of whatsoever reason.  


Smoking/Consumption of Alcohol: 

The student is not allowed to smoke, drink or attend classes while under the influence of alcohol. If it is discovered the student will be expelled immediately from the institute. 


Student Belongings: 

SKETO Infotech will not be responsible for the loss or any personal possessions of a student.


Lost and Found: 

Any personal property if found must be claimed within a week after which it may be destroyed, discarded, used or donated as per the internal policies of the institute. 


Post Admission Formalities: 

Once the student pays the admission fees, he/she must complete the following before the commencement of the training sessions: 

(a)The student must submit the admission form/student undertaking. 

(b)The student must submit soft copies of certificates of graduation or diploma including all semesters of all examinations passed if required for placement assistance 

(c)The fees paid by the student are non-refundable whatsoever the reason may be. 



Fees must be paid by cash/cheque/online only. Fees Installments must be paid as per dates given during the admission. In case, the student fails to pay the installments on time, he/she will be charged with late fee fine of Rs. 500/- fine per week. All cheques will be drawn in favor of SKETO INFOTECH OPC PVT LTD. After the payment of fees for all the payments done either by cash or cheques or Online

SKETO Infotech reserves the right to postpone and/or reschedule the classes due to  unforeseen circumstances.

Students should not mishandle/displace/alienate/destroy any of the belongings of the institute. If the damage is done from any student, he/she will be held responsible and will have to pay the cost of repair. 


If the students are required to attend training sessions/ practical sessions/ onsite training sessions at places other than their lecture rooms, students will have to bear their conveyance and food expenses while traveling to and from the training sessions/ practical sessions/ onsite training sessions, the institute will not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever for the students attending the course and/or attending training sessions/ practical sessions/ onsite training sessions. 


Cancellation of Admission: 

SKETO Infotech may cancel the admission of a student if: 

1. The student fails to pay his/her fees on time as per the fees details email sent to him/her after the enrollment process.

2. The student does not adhere to the student code of conduct. 


Placement Assistance: 

SKETO Infotech offers placement assistance free of cost to those students who complete the entire curriculum successfully. The following rules apply to the placement services offered by SKETO Infotech. 

1. The student will be placed only once by SKETO. Once he/she is placed in a company, he/she cannot refuse the placement and ask the institute to search for another opportunity. 

2. SKETO Infotech is not responsible for the work atmosphere or any other matter that is beyond its administrative and managerial limitations. 

3. After the placement is over, the terms of placement are a matter entirely between the student and the organization and SKETO Infotech does not play any role. 

4. The student must submit a copy of their appointment letters to the institute placement cell once their appointment has been finalized. 

5. The institute does not take responsibility for the performance of the student in the interview or any other test conducted by an organization.

6. SKETO Infotech will not provide a second interview opportunity to the student, who refuses to go for the first interview or does not respond to the interview call given by SKETO Infotech for any unspecified reasons. Also in this condition, he/she will not get any further placement assistance.      

7. The student will have to bear all expenses including traveling, lodging, and boarding for attending interviews at an outstation location.      

8. All interview calls will be intimated on the e-mail ID as mentioned in the institute’s records. 

Institute will not accept any responsibility for missing mails etc.